To Rent or to Buy in 2020/2021 in San Diego…Proof is in the numbers!

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Brandon Rampani

Brandon partnered with Keller Williams in 2019. Bringing to the business are his skills in loan mediation, interior design, management and salesmanship. Brandon sold over 400 homes in the San Diego/Temecula area in the past 9 years and currently resides in Rancho Bernardo 4S of San Diego, CA.

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This is a great analysis to determine if renting or buying makes sense moving forward in San Diego. The average rent for a 3 bed in San Diego County is $2,400 a month. As you can see, in just 3 years with less than 5% down and a purchase price under $450,000, buying real estate outweighs renting in just 3 years! Now, more than ever, one should consider buying. With rents in San Diego increasing on average 5-7% a year, it shows that with a fixed mortgage payment and the tax savings, the monthly payment shows without a doubt that Buying makes more sense than renting. 

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