Before you BUY REAL ESTATE in San Diego, YOU have to read this!!!

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Brandon Rampani

Brandon partnered with Keller Williams in 2019. Bringing to the business are his skills in loan mediation, interior design, management and salesmanship. Brandon sold over 400 homes in the San Diego/Temecula area in the past 9 years and currently resides in Rancho Bernardo 4S of San Diego, CA.

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Hope all is well! Just wanted to check in with you before we get into the full holiday season and give you a little pulse on what is happening on the market.  At this time of year, I always get asked if it’s a good time to buy.  I’ve been getting asked even more this year.  Well, I wanted to put something together for you that was more than me just saying yes :).  This time of year is usually a pretty good time to buy for a few reasons.  The holiday dynamic in people’s lives tends to throw off the market a bit.  I wanted to show you a few statistics on those trends just to help paint the picture better.  You can see below how the market is trending on inventory, the time a property is listed on the market, and the sales price:

Hope this snapshot really helps.  Let me know if you have any questions.

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