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Brandon Rampani, Founder of Vested Realtor Group

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At Vested Realtor Group, commitment is everything. Our commitment and our passion for this wonderful city of San Diego is the backbone of our excellence with our clients and friends in the city. As a vested Realtor and homeowner in San Diego, its important to align and build relationships with trust and commitment in order for a connection to be made. We have built these strong relationships all over the city and prided ourselves in striving to be fully committed in helping our clients through the selling and buying process. We truly feel that aligning with a member of financial and investment best interest outwards and with a member that is vested and vetted in the real estate process, will surely lead to a successful connection and relationship.

Brandon Rampani

Founder of Vested Realtor Group

With over 13 years of experience in the Housing Industry

Over the past decade, Brandon Rampani has built a reputation for excellence here in San Diego. It’s understood that he has a unique passion and commitment that comes with every step in building a future with someone buying or selling real estate. Sharp skills in loan mediation, interior design, management, and salesmanship have nurtured and created an agency that protects and values, the well-being of all clients and business partners.

Brandon Rampani has sold over 600 homes in the San Diego/Temecula area between 2011-2021. The number of transactions is important because when you sell something a lot, you tend to understand and perfect it. Brandon tends to perfect every scenario so that it properly demonstrates value to all of his clients. He truly wants their experience to be a staple and a benchmark for how ALL housing transactions should be.

Without a doubt, Brandon Rampani and the entire team at Vested Realtor Group understand how important the decision is when a client is considering buying or selling a home. They pride themselves in providing reliable, detailed information, as well as trust and guidance to ensure a smooth transaction every time. It is their goal to help clients make sound decisions that keep them ahead of market changes when buying and selling homes in the greater San Diego area. 

Vested Realtor Group services include assisting anyone looking to buy or sell in San Diego including first-time home buyers, investors, and military service members.  






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According to the U.S News, San Diego is ranked as one of the most desirable places to live in California. There is a diverse and interesting community in San Diego. The nightlife, and people are all amazing!


This neighborhood is amazing because everything is clean and there are lots of beautiful trees and greenery everywhere. The neighborhood is very safe and it is very diversified here.


La Jolla is beautiful and charming; It has lovely ocean views and a nice breeze. La Jolla basically anything you can think of, from restaurants with cuisine from all around the world to sports club, to salons…etc.


This is a smaller community, inland of San Diego. It really is “The Country in the City”. The weather is 10 degrees warmer. It is family-friendly and has one of the best school districts in the southern California area.


Coronado is a beautiful small beach town in San Diego. Its beautiful beaches and proximity to Mexico make it a unique town. It is a military town with its two Navy bases. The public education system is amazing.

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